When they imagined a home in Franschhoek, James and Marc had a similar vision: to recreate the life they both experienced as boys growing up in Italy, dining Alfresco and roaming freely in nature, surrounded by the sound of cicadas.

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Fly Fishing

Begin the day with your local, skilled guide collecting you early in the morning. 

The fish tend to be most active from 8 am until 12 pm. Gear up and let the local pro show you the tricks of the trade for casting your way to a prize trout. This is no ordinary day of fishing though, one of the best-kept secrets known as the ‘Cape Streams’ awaits exploring! 

Renowned as one of the top stream fisheries in the world for stalking wild trout, a series of pristinely managed rivers in the Du Toits Kloof Mountain range, a mere 25 minutes drive from 7 Koppies, provides the perfect backdrop for your day out. Cool, crystal waters and breath-taking views come part and parcel with your private experience. Changing flies and all equipment is handled by your guide and when the fish aren’t biting- the snacks and beverages are at least flowing.

The Berg River Dam is another hidden ‘outdoor’ gem with numerous trails to explore, leading to spectacular views over our valley.