At 7Koppies we are committed to a future with renewable energies. Every decision and all investments are carefully considered to ensure a positive impact on the planet, our guests and employees.

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We are currently building a solar farm with the short term goal of minimising the downside of South Africa’s power shortage and with the long term goal of creating 100% of our own electricity and being being completely off-grid.

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Planting many species of predominantly indigenous water-wise trees, plants and shrubs, we created with the help of renowned landscape designer Francesca Watson a world of its own. Botanist Fiona Powrie and her team are dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable garden practices, which include zero-waste composting and a wormery.

Provided by EARTHSAP, the organic range of cleaning products used across 7Koppies are environmentally friendly and do not contain any harsh chemicals, which means they are not only better for the environment but also help to lessen water and air pollution. Using biologically active ingredients, provide a highly effective, sustainable solution.